Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some Cayman Brac

Staff, volunteers and "friends" of the National Trust visited the Brac for the Discovery Day long-weekend May 16-19th, sixteen people in all. View from the apartment with Jenn "studying" on the dock.
Jenn hiking into the "Splits"; one of the nature reserves owned by the Trust. Note the jagged rock. Hell on the hands!
The crew that braved snorkeling the wreck of the "Prince Frederick": Liv, me, Caroline, Jenn. The ship wrecked in the late 1800's and much of the wreckage remains strewn around the bottom including mounds of anchor chain, masts and four huge anchors. A big barracuda followed the girls around. Great trip except for the "sea itch" that some of us acquired.
Stealing mangoes is always dangerous work! We did manage to get some mangoes, naseberries and papayas and also bought some freshly caught "dolphin" (mahi mahi) from the guys on the dock by the apartment. It was soooo good! Jamie also made a cassava cake. I think between that and the beverages we all gained 10 pounds!

We also made new friends. This is a Caribbean Fruit Bat Artibius jamaicensis hanging out in one of the caves. What a cute little snuggly bat!

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Shawn said...

Love the bat pic, it's great!