Monday, January 24, 2011

A Winters Day

Great day to be at Granny's!
Even got Granny to come for a swim! (left)
It is Winter so the water was cccccoooolllldddd!
Jill, freshly arrived from BC, did not think it cold at all.
And those of Danish extraction didn't think so either! :-) A nice family day at the beach, that's what Winter is for...

1st Long Weekend

Long weekends were made for Little Cayman.
We did pretty good at getting lots of fresh seafood.
Explored around on the reef at night...
and found this beautiful octopus,
then explored the bush a bit and found this beautiful interior pond. Amazingly the old path to the pond, hundreds of years old, is still there. Definately worth another trip, March anyone? :-)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

After the mornings water-based activities (water balloon fights and dog bathing) it was time for some ping-pong and some other potentially plant damaging games...
The weekend baths meant having two sweet dogs to snuggle with! This is the sweetest dog in the World. Saw a quote yesterday "The more I get to know men the better I like dogs", can't remember the source but something there. Definately.
More water, twas a windy sunny Sunday, so couldn't resist the call of the ocean. Not just Rum Point, but Starfish Point seen here and Kaibo. Very relaxed trip and very few other boats.
Soon to be captain? After boating a nice visit with the grandparents, then a visit with Katherine just back from the circus in Miami, then a deserved early night ahead of exams this week. Saturday was also busy; took down all the Christmas stuff, Hunter's football game (they won 3-2) and afternoon study session for Hayley and friends. Can't say I am feeling rested to go back to "work"!

Water Balloon Fight

Hot Sunday mornings are great for water balloon fights!
Some people take it to the extreme!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

A New Year

The girls celebrated the coming of the new year wining and dining at the Brasserie,
and with sparklers and fireworks,
at Aunt Tinny's.
The boys were in Little Cayman getting whilks...
and fish! Happy New Year!