Friday, May 02, 2008

More Turks

The internet does not work inside the apartment so I am forced to sit on the porch to check my emails etc which as you can see is a very miserable inconvenience! In the background is Grace Bay and as yet I have not set foot in the water!
Karie Bounds from Dept of Tourism is obviously delighted to see the "trained" conchs at the conch farm. This is one of the study trips we did as part of the conference. We also visited the Iguana Reserve but missed one trip due to weather.
Part of the experience of visiting new places is trying new cuisine... this was lunch at Sailing Paradise; a little shack on the water in Blue Hills. Note the teeth on that fish! The rice is Okra Rice which is quite tasty. Interesting to note that like many similar eateries in Cayman, the server could speak no english.

And yes, a very long game of pool as we both demonstrated our total lack of skill at the game! I eventually won the first and she the second. It was raining and we walked back and forth to the hotel (rather than take a taxi or bus) so played a game of pool until the rain passed.
There are hills on Provo and this must be about the highest. A very narrow and treacherous dirt tract but it did lead to a beautiful panoramic view and most importantly a place to turn around. With a day and a half free I am positive there will be more adventures to come.

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