Monday, June 26, 2006

More of the Brac

Finally back from the Brac. Now we are all sick with the cold and moping around the house on a sunny Monday morning. We had a great trip except for the flight delay on our return but I guess that's the way it goes. I worked on Friday doing presentations to school kids about birds then had meetings much of Saturday. Hayley, Hunter and Francelia made good use of the pool while I was gone then joined me for the exploration of a newly discovered cave Sat afternoon. It was discovered because a new road goes right over it. The entrance is small but it opens into a large ever decending bunch of tunnels and chambers. Everyone was thrilled by the pristine beauty of the cave; now we must figure out how to protect it if we can.
We also visited Rebecca's Cave and saw two fruit bats roosting and ended the day with a long swim in the pool. On Sunday Carol and I went off to photograph Tropic Birds, then we packed up and moved in to Uncle Darvin's apartment! Watched the Holland-Portugal football game then visited more caves before getting our stuff together and headed off to the airport. Pictures: Uncle Darvin and Mr. Keeley in the newly discovered cave; Hayley, Hunter and Whitney in the same cave, The kids and me decending the path to Peter's Cave (houses in the background can give some perspective), me handing out prizes at Spot Bay Primary School.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Cayman Brac

Great working weekend in the Brac and finally had some time to explore yesterday. Went to the newly discovered cave which is awesome and also discovered a new orchid record for the Brac! This is us at the edge of the bluff; highest elevation in the Cayman Islands at about 140' and also looking in to Peter's Cave. Also went to Rebecca's Cave and other hot spots then a much needed swim in the pool. Stealing a hotel's signal and it is very weak so more to follow when we return home tonight!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fathers Day

Not that I pay much attention to "Hallmark Holidays", but today was a nice day to be a father! We did what has become a regular Sunday activity; we went out on the boat with the Fosters. Sunny skies and calm clear water, good friends and some fresh ripe mangos, just another nice lazy day. As if that wasn't enough, we then had a swim in Jim and Susan's pool. Now Greg, Francina, H&H and I impatiently await Carol's arrival with the chinese food for dinner!
Another great day comes to a wonderful end.


A sunny Saturday morning so we played out at the swingset then "king of the mountain" with Rex. He was happy for the attention but not willing to give up his territory easily. The whole family gathered at Sharon's for the USA-Italy match followed by fun on the slip-n-slide. I did a presentation at 6:30 for the Ritz Carlton and then being a good psuedo-Canadian I went to Legendz sportsbar to watch the Edmonton game. Francina decided it would be a good cultural experience so Nana kindly babysat for us. The place was packed and we ended it up there until almost close. I wonder what Father's Day will bring? Happy Father's Day!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Rough Day

We had a "rough" day out in the boat in the North Sound. The wind was whipping up from the South and run-off from the recent rains has stained much of the water red. It looked more like the North Sea than the North Sound! But our usual spot by Rum Point was calm and the water crystal clear. We picked up fresh mangoes from the farm and thoroughly enjoyed them in the water. There were lots of baby stingrays and other fish and very few boats. Returned home and gave Rex a much needed bath. Dinner and an early night for all for sure.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

We spent Sunday afternoon visiting with the grandparents then took a swim in Uncle Gary's pool. Rushed home to meet Andrew, Carla and Hayley Reid for dinner at Over the Edge. Always an interesting place for a meal but the food is good ( I had grilled Tuna). Finally the weather is almost sunny and wow is it hot and humid! All the birds are rushing into nesting mode and the males are sporting thier mating plumage including this normally shy Yellow Warbler who was so concerned with chasing off the "other" male in my truck's mirror that I was able to get a decent shot. Tough choices for the Queen's Birthday holiday tomorrow: more football or boating? My bet is we will be boating!

Rainy Week

It was a very rainy end of the week but perfect for watching the start of the World Cup! Total rainfall was somewher around eight inches and there was a lot of lightening and winds gusting up to 50mph. The driveway has about 3-4 inches of water but the sun and wind will dry it off quickly. Had a day of socializing and game-watching on Saturday; watched Germany-Paraguay at Aunt Gracie's, the Trinidad-Sweden game at gymnastics, and the Ivory Coast-Argentina at Granny and Grandaddy's! My team Holland won this morning although not convincingly but the weather is better so will go in to town for a swim at uncle Gary's and then for a visit to the Grandparents. And I was successful in my bid for World Cup tickets, airfare and hotels for two (what a shock!) so will be off to the quarter final game in Berlin on the 30th! I definately needed a few days away but this is more than I had expected. Just wish I had someone romantic to take! Go Holland!