Monday, June 11, 2012


 Hayley competed in the private schools swimming competition at Cayman International School on Thursday. This is the Triple C school contingent. Still awaiting the results but she got some second and third place finishes.
 On Saturday she did the Flowers 1-Mile Sea swim from the Ritz Carlton to Royal Palms.
 It was a beautiful day for the swim but times were slower due to the current.
 R42 crossed the finish line in 34 minutes 44 seconds, number 178 out of 844 swimmers; the 88th female and 18th in her age group. In 2010 she placed 569th in 47:47.
She beat her previous nanny Jen (she finished #610) but no hard feelings! She also edged out our good friend Frank Flowers senior by 4 seconds. Frank started this event 20 years ago and has created an event to be very proud of. A considerable achievement to even finish this race, well done to all who even attempted. If I seem a little proud it is because I am extremely proud!