Sunday, August 26, 2007



Happy to be back home, even if only for a few days. Off to Little Cayman on Wednesday until Sunday then we will again be grounded for a while... meanwhile it's a hot sunny Sunday and the pool seems the logical place to be!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Stuck in Charlotte

Hayley making "liquid nitrogen ice cream" at Discovery Place. They had lots of fun here and could have stayed all day. Had a great dinner at Rock Bottom downtown Charlotte last night, then woke to the good news that Dean had passed well South of Cayman.
Bit confused by this sign: I can understand the no skating......
people in Charlotte must have a good sense of humour!

Smith Mountain Lake again

In "Dixie Caverns", a large cave system outside of Salem.
Last night, the Roulstone Family with Richard and Jan Herring.

More Smith Mountain Lake

The girls lounge in front of our dock/deck on Shelly and Rumpy as grandparents keep a watchful eye.
At Natural Bridge Hunter and Katherine conspiring to catch the trout!
Hayley running up from the dock to the house.
Very good "BarBQ"! At the Virginia Peach Festival in Patrick County.
Hunter with our dock in the background.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Smith Mountain Lake

Lunch with the Herrings at Natural Bridge, great food and then off to the zoo...
This was taken with Jenn in mind! We miss her and hope she's having a great vacation. Also took pictures with Grandma in mind but the connection here is really slow and will have to try again another time...
Kids in the lake with their cousins from Richmond. The water is warm and reasonably clear, we are all enjoying the refreshing swims as it is quite warm most days. Doing lots of shopping but also taking some time to see lots of wildlife and exploring. Lost my glasses in the lake so had to go for an eye exam and get new glasses, thats another long story! Putting lots of miles on the car! Taking too long to upload other pictures and have better things to do! Hope Nana is enjoying the housesitting and a reminder to her she can call anywhere in the US or Canada free on the Vonage phone including us! Sorry I can't remember our phone number. And no cell phone service or internet at the house....Love to all!