Monday, November 22, 2010


The mystery will soon be solved, the tree has put out the flower and in a few months we will have either bananas, plantains or bottlers!

Meanwhile the papaya tree has gotten so tall it will soon be impossible to pick them.

Another day of Sunday boating. Hunter and his friend Justin had a fun time. I didn't.
Everyone complained the water was cold but eventually they were all snorkelling and playing. Ah, Sundays at Rum Point. Was a nice day and nice company, lots of food and drinks, but all good things must come to an end and back to the salt mines today...

Monday, November 15, 2010


The conch's luck ran out. It was a beautiful day.
Lucky for the stingrays they got fed instead of eaten!

My young pirate in training!
Not sure he will ever be the same... but he looks happy enough! :-)

Twas a beautiful start to Pirates Week, now a holiday Monday with even more beautiful weather so watch out conchs!

Sunday, November 07, 2010


Thanks to the cool weather we abandoned the planned conching trip and spent a lot of time at Granny's instead. Hunter and Katherine shot some hoops.
While that was going on some other people were inside singing Karaoke so I was outside taking lots of pictures...
Then we all went to Gary's, cut rocks and barbecued. Hopefully better weather next weekend, I would almost bet on it.

Winter has arrived!

Saturday football as usual, again CCC fell 2-0 to Northeast but at least Hunter got to see his old schoolmates and I got to see some old neighbors. Hunter spent the afternoon with Justin, his teammate in the picture, Hayley and I a relaxing evening till I had to go to work. I did the wine tasting fundraiser for CARE (Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts) which was sold-out, then the Sean Paul afterparty, then the grocery shopping and still got to bed by midnight! Awakened to a chilly Sunday morning; the conchs may well be safe for another few days, I wont be going in the water today! Now for a nice cup of coffee and some politics with Nana...

Thursday, November 04, 2010

International Night

There was an internatrional night at school tonight featuring 18 of the nationalities of students at school, Hunter's class was Brazil.
Hayley's was USA, they both worked very hard at making the evening a success so Granny and I were there in support. Had nanaimo bars from the Canada booth and some tidbits from the others but mostly visited with other parents and had an entertaining evening.