Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shopping, swimming, badminton

We spent a bit of the morning downtown doing some shopping. Then the "fish" went to Uncle Randy's to swim in the pool while I set up Hunter's new netbook (bought with his birthday money, thanks everyone!) and sorted out the internet issues here. Barbecue in the evening with Bison steaks and grilled portabellas, and then we were back to the Badminton court to work off the days lethargy.
It is a rather challenging court, but the scenery is superb! Today (Saturday) has been a quiet day, everyone was late out of bed and suffering from a complete lack of ambition. Now after lunch time and not a soul has made it out of pajamas or out of the house. Guess that's what vacation is all about. It is overcast and thunderstorms forcast for this afternoon so don't expect much in the way of a report for today!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 12, Indian Head hike

I got up early and drove to Kelowna to meet Murray and Glenn for a hike, we then drove to near Oliver to this place; Indian Head.

The hike was all up hill and we eventually left the trail and started going up some steep slopes.

The poor guy looks better from a distance! And there was a cougar den right behind his neck; a rather disturbing little piece of information after seeing bear droppings the whole way up!
But the view from the top was spectacular. That is White Lake with the road just behind it to the left.
The whole panorama, click it to see it bigger. To the right is some sort of observatory where the Canadians are listening for noises from space (The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory)... seems a good use of funds to me. We drove all around the premises and no one seemed particularly concerned.
A well-deserved glass of wine with the owner of Quinta Ferriera Winery, then a few other winery stops and back home for dinner at 7!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 11, Atlantis Waterslides

Early start at Atlantis Waterslides with Tanya and her clan. View from the top, yes, Tanya coaxed me (or shamed me) into going down the waterslide, only injured two people (but not myself)! :-) Water wasn't too bad...
Hayley and Hunter.
Hunter's birthday present to himself...
Hayley and new friend Elohim's Blessing (leaning) went on this run about 20 times. She is from a farm in Lumby and they had a blast, may go out to see her in a few days.
Hayley about to come down the final hill. The crowds and subsequently the lines got a bit much so Hunter went to the lake with Braeden, Hayley and I went to A&W for lunch and then shopping! Lots and Lots of SHOPPING! :-) Played some serious Badminton then another fantastic dinner; last night was Dungeness Crab, tonight ribs, I think I could get used to this!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday, Kal Lake

So this is camping.... we visited Tanya's family encamped on the shore of Kal Lake, took a bit for everyone to become un-shy, but within a few minutes it was old times.
Braeden, Hayley and Hunter off for a cruise.

I don't think they liked it.

Great scenery for boating, kinda like being at Rum Point!

Three houses above Hunter's head is Grandma's house.

Like I said, don't think they had a good time! Waterslide tomorrow, I don't know how they can stand this freezing water... but, no problem as long as I don't have to go in eh!

Monday night

Almost full moon across Kal Lake.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday, Day 9, afternoon

Too lazy to put these in the right order, this is cooling down after a hot day of running around!
Hayley and me playing tennis,
Norma and Hunter playing tennis.

Feeding the swan at Polson Park,
and feeding the flying rats, ducks, geese and sparrows at the park. Also made it to Tim Hortons for the first time this trip. Not yet made it to Okanagan Sausage, Surplus Herbies or Grey Monk, busy week ahead. :-)

Monday, Day 9, Farmer's Market

Got lots of stuff for dinner: potatoes, all kinds of string beans, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, and then some nice peaches and raspberries for snacking.

We forgot the Bison steaks and the Blueberries, will have to go back on Thursday!

Spiral fried potatoes were a big hit. Then we went to the fish shop and got some fresh salmon for grilling and ordered some fresh live Dungeness crab for tomorrow.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 8 final

I cooked dinner tonight, Orzo with smoked salmon, Kalamata olives, fresh green beans, artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes and feta cheese; Hunter fixed the salad. We ate out on the deck and watched the boats on the lake, a relaxing end to a lovely day. Hunter tucked into his bunk bed, Hayley and Norma asleep on the deck. Good night!

Day 8, Vernon

Late start to the day with brunch at Friesen's,

pondering our next move?

which was the Canadian Horse show at O'Keefe Ranch. Of course we missed the whole thing but there were other things to see and do.
Lots of historic buildings to explore...complete with a Ms. Denise look-alike as a tour guide!

and tons of really cool animals, from fancy breeds of chickens (ahhh, memories), turkeys, goats, llamas, horses to these very feisty african geese. Now back home to fix dinner and relax.

Saturday in Kelowna

Back from roaming, with the whole Westridge Roed clan.
"Aunt Bailee and Aunt Marlee"!

Farewells on Saturday evening and back to Vernon.
Guesses on the photo quiz to :-)

Oh Okanagan!

Friday in Kelowna, me still driving around, H&H having lunch with the Kauffmans at the beach (Lake Okanagan).
If I didn't know better I would think they were adopted! Swimming in the frigid waters with "Aunt Bailee".

Picking peaches.... (and thinking about Granny)

...and cherries. I think we have about 10 pounds of each! Yes, Caymanians know how to pick fruit in a hurry! :-)

Friday, July 23, 2010

More Oh Canada...

Name this town and you will win a bottle of Tantalus Vineyards Riesling 2009! This is where I was Wednesday night. While I am on my road trip...
my kids obviously did not get enough of my driving,

or perhaps they have OCDD* also?????
With Aunt Bailee,
At Grandpa's house. Thanks Grandpa for the photos!
*Obsessive Compulsive Driving Disorder

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, Day 3

Relaxing day at home, just a short trip into town to sort out some banking and shopping. Children going to Kelowna for a few days, I am going on a road trip to escape my Blackberry!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Canada 2010 Days 1 & 2

Sunday. Being nice has not worked well for me lately but it did get us a nice suite at the Toronto Airport Sheraton. Oh, and for $89!

Monday. Then after a four hour flight to Calgary we set out on a 7 hour drive to Vernon. It was rainy and cold in Alberta but then became sunny and warmer in BC. Every few K's there was road construction but if you have to sit in traffic somewhere, why not Banff National Park with its snow capped peaks!
Or Yoho National Park, or any of the multitude of beautiful parks we drove through along the way. What a beautiful country, just gotta do something about the weather... And once more being nice got us a pretty nice car but God only knows where we are going to put the luggage on the way back!
As requested, first night in Vernon sleeping on the porch!
A very Canadian-looking guy ready for tennis Tuesday morning.