Sunday, October 28, 2007


We went to the Cayman vs Haiti football, womens olympic qualifying tournament which was happening at the field just down the street. The stands were packed and Haiti had just gone ahead three-two when the half ended. Puerto Rico has already beat both teams and this was the final match here. There are almost 9 million people in Haiti, 4 million in Puerto Rico, and 52,000 here. Do we even stand a chance? A very loud and patriotic crowd nonetheless! Jenn worked the consession stand selling drinks and doing face painting.
Haiti is in Blue, Cayman in red. Referees were from Cuba. We left at the half as it was almost 9pm and there is school tomorrow and I have to catch a 7:40am flight to Miami so I will have to leave home by 5:30... H&H were not to pleased about having to leave and I am not very popular right now!

Taste of Cayman

Me, Caroline, Gladys and Paul enjoying the fireworks at Taste of Cayman.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Beach Aerobics

The Old Robin Rd aerobics club on their way to the beach.
First up, Hayley.
Next, super-nanny!
We are having our first "winter storm" which stalled just to the west and is causing lots of rain the past few days. The kids had two days off from school so they spent lots of time running around. I have been super-busy at work with no end in sight.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Three Kids

Since I will not be home Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Monday nights, I decided to come home a little early today to see what my three kids do after the homework is done...

Kid One was jumping and swimming,
Kid Two was jumping and swimming,
and Kid Three was being the lifeguard. The other bigger kid wouldn't let me blog her picture.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend in Paradise

I guess this is proof that the tonsils have healed!
About the only women I meet these days are already hitched! (All the good ones are taken?)
A late Sunday afternoon swim. We spent most of the weekend at West Bay and had a great time, just forgot to take any pictures.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Piano lessons on Saturday morning. Hunter waits outside while Hayley has her lesson and Jenn sells uniforms inside. I cleaned the truck and cooked veggie burgers for lunch. Will take a trip to West Bay and stay the night there. No plans yet for Sunday.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Photos can be deceptive...

Yes, another beautiful day at Rum Point, but not before a lot of house cleaning, vaccuming, sweeping, mopping, laundry, etc.
I'm sure no one wants to see pictures of me mopping so here are some of a few very lucky people enjoying a warm, sunny afternoon at Rum Point (with Hayley and Hunter in the background. Some of you will recognize the others).
And tonight after all the homework was done the girls took a moonlight dip in the pool. They are still in there. I don't think I will get them out.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back in school

Hunter is back in school today just one week after his surgery. Still not saying or eating much, but off of the medication and ready to face the world again.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Recovery weekend

Recovery has been slow for Hunter. He hasn't said much for the past week and still will not eat anything much in the way of solid food. Felt good enough to sleep over at Katherine's Saturday night but in hindsite that was probably a bit much.
The weather has also been cloudy and rainy off and on, but Hayley still found a few minutes for swimming. The Thanksgiving dinner went a little late Saturday night (3am) so I was in recovery on Sunday too... Fortunately with the weather the way it was there was little distraction to prevent a quiet Sunday afternoon at home. Just a walk with kids and Rex on the beach looking at all the turtle nests. There must be 15 to 20. Hayley is off to school today but probably a couple more days at home for Hunter and its another cloudy rainy day.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hunter's Operation

6:30am in the hospital as the sun starts to rise.
By 8:30am, in our room and all dressed to go.
9:30, back in the room minus tonsils and adnoids, not feeling good, but comforted by Daddy, Granny, Aunt Tinnie and Jenn.
11:30am, back in his room reading a story before a much deserved nap. So far all is well.