Saturday, May 03, 2008

Grand Turk

We took a Saturday morning flight to Grand Turk; twenty minutes away by Twin Otter. It was a very windy day which made for an exciting flight and landing. I think we landed three times.
Downtown Cockburn Town in Grand Turk is not the most exciting place. But the solitude was a welcome break from the "bustle" of Provo. And it was a very pretty town full of historic buildings and a few friendly people.
More of Front Street. The road is one way in this section and is lined with large Broadleaf trees. There are small resorts and B&B's along the way so we had breakfast at Turks Head Inn just to the right of the picture. Then we visited the National Museum which had nice shipwreck and salt production displays. Basically just roamed around and took in the scenery.
This is the waterfront downtown. It reminded me a lot of Cayman except that I couldn't see any fish in the water. Behind the wall on the left is the main road "Front Street". We got to see the wild donkeys on the road back to the airport and then headed home back to Provo at 3pm. Back home tomorrow.

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