Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boxing Day (Observed)

Far too cold for the water today, the lobsters and conchs are safe until the weekend. Spent the time visiting friends: Ms. Olive, Sunshine and Edith, Ms. Zelmalee, Ms. Chisholm, The Arsenaults and the McFarlanes. Got some new plants, lots of fruits, had lots of laughs, checked on the house, then came home to lots of table tennis and quality time with just the 5 of us. Well 9 now if you include the birds...
Waiting on the pizza now and then the day will be complete!

Monday, December 27, 2010


The cousins from Florida have arrived. Jared and Tyler got Hunter's PS3 all set up while Emily and the girls played hide-and-seek.
I think the table tennis is a hit!
The light display just down the street. Without a wide angle lense it is hard to get a good shot.
Katherine, Hayley and Hunter enjoyed the outing on this cool winter evening.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day

A lovely Sunday for the beach at Granny's! (Sharon, Erik, Shirley)
Apartments and cottage full and lots of sand on the beach, even warm and sunny...but a cold front coming in tonight, so all will change. But great day today!

More Christmas

Santa at Uncle Rex's Christmas display, think he got the message.

More Christmas lights at Uncle Rex's.

I just love Hunter in his police uniform so had to post one more!

Good that the kids love their new table... :-)
Christmas dinner at Aunt Tinnie's

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Children and grandchildren celebrate Granny and Grandadddy's 53rd wedding anniversary.

Christmas 2010

Closest we got to a Christmas portrait this year... us with Max at the vet! He had an ear infection but is doing much better.
Early Christmas morning and the presents are getting opened, Hayley got her Ipod Touch, Hunter his PS3, they both got new snorkeling stuff, birds in cages (you know they were not from me!) badminton set, and a ping pong table.

some were too big to wrap!
Then over to Katherine's to help her open all her stuff.

Then a hardy breakfast of Omlettes, bacon and cinnamon buns on the new Ping Pong table!
Merry Christmas everyone, pictures of Mom and Dad's 53rd anniversary soon come!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Concert

Beatrice, Chloe and Hayley singing at the school Christmas concert tonight.
Hunter was the traffic cop in Frosty the Snowman, here with Jenn who put a lot of effort into his uniform.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Yes, it can!

Hardly seems possible that another year is about to end. My little girl will soon be 13, my little boy soon in 6th grade. But we gotta get through Christmas first so started our efforts to make this place as festive as we can. Its cool outside (70 degrees!), and we got our tree up, lots of decorations and most importantly a cheerful holiday spirit! And somehow between work, school and lobster season we will find the time to extend our love to family and friends in actions and not just words. We love you! Frank, Hayley, Hunter, Rex and Big Dummy (Max). :-)

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Can it be????

Last game of the year and Hunter's team didn't do so hot losing 3-1 to South Sound. He played the best game I have seen so no fault of his, now I have some Saturdays free until January.

Hayley spent much of the morning putting up Christmas decorations then we went to get our tree; the first live tree we have ever had, now the house smells like pine-sol, eerrr I mean Christmas! Of course we had to re-organize the whol;e house to make room for the tree, but it is in place and slowly taking its more natural shape. Pictures tomorrow. Then we went to see how the lobster fishermen had done, turned out to be quite well, so we ate some lobster for dinner. They also culled 3 Lionfish, the biggest one was promptly cleaned, cooked and eaten by Shirley. Tomorrow we'll be at 'em again.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Birthday Weekend Little Cayman

Got some conchs...
...caught some fish...
...ate lots of food....
... had lots of fun. Nice birthday in Little Cayman again. Can't wait for the next one! :-)

Monday, November 22, 2010


The mystery will soon be solved, the tree has put out the flower and in a few months we will have either bananas, plantains or bottlers!

Meanwhile the papaya tree has gotten so tall it will soon be impossible to pick them.

Another day of Sunday boating. Hunter and his friend Justin had a fun time. I didn't.
Everyone complained the water was cold but eventually they were all snorkelling and playing. Ah, Sundays at Rum Point. Was a nice day and nice company, lots of food and drinks, but all good things must come to an end and back to the salt mines today...

Monday, November 15, 2010


The conch's luck ran out. It was a beautiful day.
Lucky for the stingrays they got fed instead of eaten!

My young pirate in training!
Not sure he will ever be the same... but he looks happy enough! :-)

Twas a beautiful start to Pirates Week, now a holiday Monday with even more beautiful weather so watch out conchs!

Sunday, November 07, 2010


Thanks to the cool weather we abandoned the planned conching trip and spent a lot of time at Granny's instead. Hunter and Katherine shot some hoops.
While that was going on some other people were inside singing Karaoke so I was outside taking lots of pictures...
Then we all went to Gary's, cut rocks and barbecued. Hopefully better weather next weekend, I would almost bet on it.

Winter has arrived!

Saturday football as usual, again CCC fell 2-0 to Northeast but at least Hunter got to see his old schoolmates and I got to see some old neighbors. Hunter spent the afternoon with Justin, his teammate in the picture, Hayley and I a relaxing evening till I had to go to work. I did the wine tasting fundraiser for CARE (Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts) which was sold-out, then the Sean Paul afterparty, then the grocery shopping and still got to bed by midnight! Awakened to a chilly Sunday morning; the conchs may well be safe for another few days, I wont be going in the water today! Now for a nice cup of coffee and some politics with Nana...

Thursday, November 04, 2010

International Night

There was an internatrional night at school tonight featuring 18 of the nationalities of students at school, Hunter's class was Brazil.
Hayley's was USA, they both worked very hard at making the evening a success so Granny and I were there in support. Had nanaimo bars from the Canada booth and some tidbits from the others but mostly visited with other parents and had an entertaining evening.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Halloween

After Trick-or-treating everyone came back to the house for hotdogs. The kids were twirling glowing bracelets and Carol took these interesting shots.
You can clearly see Katherine's hand in this one.
Hopefully Greg doesn't check the blog or he'll kill me for this one! Sam applying the finishing touches to his make-up! Well just to be fair I posted a rather embarrassing one of me too...
We went to a great party. Greg was designated driver. No idea who this person is... spotted it on Facebook, thankfully you cant tell that's me, enough said!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


No football game today so we got our chores done early and headed to Granny's! Twas a beautiful day for the beach too so we did lots of swimming and a water balloon fight or two.
In the evening we observed Halloween a night early, L-R: Starri, Hunter, Me, Hayley, Sam and Aunty Shirshir! Happy Halloween!