Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hayley's 8th Birthday Party

What is a birthday party without a bouncing castle, a pinata, cake, lots of friends and lots of gifts!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Sunday morning saw the usual suspects for coffee but otherwise quiet and uneventful. Spent a good part of the afternoon at Granny's kayaking, swimming and playing around on the beach. Brittny studied? Back home to wash the salt off eveyone (including Rex) and after a beautiful sunset departed to "over the Edge" for a quick dinner. Right in the driveway we found a "Hickatee" fresh water turtle and then enjoyed a breezy cool evening overlooking the ocean. Too much for Hunter; he was out before dinner was served!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Saturday February 18th

The weekend started early. The days are getting longer and we had just enough light to play some football at the playing field after I got home from work. Brittny had the evening off and went on a date... Carol and Barbara very kindly babysat so that I could take the visiting female trombone quartet out to Royal Palms. I'll leave out the details but suffice it to say it was a very late night for all. Saturday mornings are always busy ones. Carol and Barbara came by for coffee (John overslept) and then it was off to Piano for Hayley and Hunter off to gymnastics. I went to gymnastics for the first time and took a few pictures, then after lunch we went to Frank Sound to explore the beach. The water was a little too cold for snorkelling but we found a large white sea urchin, sea anemones, and lots of little fish A schoolmate has a birthday party in the afternoon and then we will all enjoy dinner with the Reids hopefully not too late because tomorrow promises to be just as busy as today.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

February 12th weekend

Sorry, no pictures this weekend. Hayley and I took a short hike with visiting scientist and butterfly expert Dr. Askew early Saturday morning then cut it short to get to piano lessons. Hunter was off for gymnastics with Aunt Shir Shir about the time we got back home. Hayley and I then took a walk on the beach across the street with Rex and visited all the neighbors along the way. After lunch we played computer games until Brittny was going into town at 2pm. I took advantage of the afternoon freedom to go snorkelling across the street with John and Denise, then enjoyed a great evening meal at "Over the Edge" with Dave and Kathy. Hayley and Hunter attended the Cayman Arts Festival Piano Recital then overnighted with their aunt. Greg arrived bright and early this morning and fixed pancakes followed by Carol and her visiting sister Barbara. Solved most of the world's problems over a couple cups of coffee under blue skies on the patio, followed by lots of calls to family and freinds near and far. Hayley and Hunter were back in time for lunch but the weather quickly changed into a rainy gale spoiling our plans for an afternoon dip in the neighbor's pool! Shirley's birthday tomorrow starts another busy week of activities. A cool windy night tonight and very rough seas. A great evening for an early night's sleep. Good night.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

February 2-3 Weekend

Another beautiful weekend; a hot sunny Saturday followed by a windy cool Sunday ( a chilly 74F!). Kids and Brittny slept over at Aunt Shir-Shir's Sat nite so I went to dinner with Trish and John at "Over the Edge". Ran into some friends and ended up staying too late! I worked on clearing the Mastic Trail early Sunday morning with a team of great volunteers from around the world (Cayman, England, Holland, Guyana, USA, Scotland) and it is finally cleared all the way through. Then spent some time on the swings and entertaining Rex in the afternoon. Rex is now an outside dog having spent his first night out last night.