Sunday, August 08, 2010


Saturday was a cloudy day and we got off to a late start. We visited Grandpa and family in Kelowna, dropped Hunter off at Braeden's and then went to Gayle's surprise birthday party at the Country Club. Her birthday is not until November but it was a rare event to have her three babies all together at once; Leigh, Trish and Jill.
We overslept again Sunday morning but finally got off to visit Aunt Audrey and Uncle George.

Always a beautiful yard and we also had a beautiful brunch!
Said good bye and headed down the winding westside road to Kelowna and then back home on the highway. Lots of signs warning us of Bighorn sheep but we saw none.
Hunter fixed a scrumptious dinner of mac and cheese with toast. Now for dessert Grandma is fixing crepes. Back to Kelowna for the last time tomorrow morning and then we are off to Valemount Tuesday morning.

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