Sunday, August 01, 2010

Kelowna with Little Sis!

We were back in Kelowna to see little sis Nicole, spent a lot of time in the pool under the haze of forestfire smoke then spent some quality time playing Apples to Apples. She was just in town for the day, sorry we didn't get to spend some more time with her.
Then the rain and thunderstorms arrived so had a sluggish commute back to Vernon. Hayley spotted a bunch of deers right by Grandma's house including a few babies. They are not real popular with Grandma right now having eaten nearly all her petunias!
It got super windy creating lots of excitement with the boaters, kite surfers, windsurfers and paddle boarders on the lake. Then we had a Cayman-style downpour, I have never seen it rain like this here before. Welcome rain though; with over 200 fires burning around BC they need all the rain they can get.

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