Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Canada 2010 Days 1 & 2

Sunday. Being nice has not worked well for me lately but it did get us a nice suite at the Toronto Airport Sheraton. Oh, and for $89!

Monday. Then after a four hour flight to Calgary we set out on a 7 hour drive to Vernon. It was rainy and cold in Alberta but then became sunny and warmer in BC. Every few K's there was road construction but if you have to sit in traffic somewhere, why not Banff National Park with its snow capped peaks!
Or Yoho National Park, or any of the multitude of beautiful parks we drove through along the way. What a beautiful country, just gotta do something about the weather... And once more being nice got us a pretty nice car but God only knows where we are going to put the luggage on the way back!
As requested, first night in Vernon sleeping on the porch!
A very Canadian-looking guy ready for tennis Tuesday morning.

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