Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wild Weekend

What a weekend! It all started with a back to school party on Friday night, then dinner at the Reid's. Hunter and I worked in the yard while Hayley had piano lessons on Saturday morning then we went to Granny's in the afternoon with an overnight bag; snorkelled and played on the beach. Saturday night we had lots of company that stopped by to visit at the apartments and after they left I went out to do some fishing. I discovered a large sea turtle nesting right in fornt of the apartments so eveyone came back to watch the spectacle. Turns out it was "Murph"; the one that they attached the tracker to, back to lay her second nest of eggs. You can see her wanderings at On Sunday morning we went out in the boat with Gary and Theresa and stayed out the entire day. We are all exhausted, I can't even spell I am so tired, so I am going to bed! Pics: Beach at apartments Sunday morning, Murph heading back to the sea, Jenn having a cold one at Rum Point, Hayley snorkelling. All taken with the new waterproof camera.

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