Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunday and Monday

Movie Night was fun for the kids, Jenn and I went out for bite, then H&H spent the night at Aunt Shirshir's. Sunday morning we kayaked out to the reef in Frank Sound until we were all exhausted, then had a relatively quiet evening at home. Tonight we released a baby Loggerhead turtle at the beach across the street. Sorry, I was not allowed to photograph the turtle so you got the empty bucket instead! There are lots of turtle nests this year and one adult has been fitted with a tracking device and can be monitored at The turtles all claw their way out of the nest at once and the ones who don't make it out are dug out the next day and released that night. Out of 140 babies only this little guy didn't make it! So now he is off to the tough world on his own and we sure loved watching him make his way to the sea. Good luck little guy!

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