Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Campbell River

No pictures today. Not that the scenery isn't beautiful, just that it has been cloudy and rainy (and downright freezing!) all day. Port Hardy is a pretty town and we enjoyed a walk around the dock area and a big breakfast at Captain Hardys Cafe this morning. Then made the three hour drive to Campbell River through the clouds and rain while H&H watched movies. Saw a deer right outside of town. Jenn and I went out to find some lunch and we plan a big seafood dinner for tonight since Campbell River is the salmon capital of Canada! Luckily the hotel has an indoor pool but none of us have had the nerve to test the water as yet. Jenn and Norma are now napping as Hunter and Hayley get their fill of Disney Channel. Tomorrow we will stop to visit the Boans on our way to Victoria. Forcast calls for gradual clearing tomorrow afternoon and we are staying next to the museum and Imax. Love to all, have not looked at any Cayman stuff but feel confident its a little warmer there! 15C here!

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