Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bella Coola Day 3

Had an interesting evening at a charity barbeque last night. Hunter and Hayley played with a huge but adoreable dog while Norma Jen and I struggled to get anyone to even speak to us! Guess it was the upercrust of Bella Coola society and they were not exactly the most friendly. Nevertheless the barbecued salmon was delicious and it was a change from eating in a restaurant. The ground of the home were amazing too. We went drifting down the river today after stopping at the farmer's market. The market was disappointing, but the trip down the river was nice. We saw two bears; one black and one grizzly, lots of spawning pink salmon and an eagle. Jen had the thrill of helping push us through the shallow part of the ice-cold river, and our guide was a most bizzarre creature, but all's well that ends well and it was hard to beat the scenery surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains on a warm sunny Sunday afternoon. Early all-day ferry ride and with luck we will be in Port Hardy tomorrow night. Off to bed!

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