Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We are here!

We are in Vernon and have made the first shopping run! Uneventful and dare I say almost pleasant flights all the way. Toronto airport something for Canadians to be justly proud of, the hotel upgraded us because of my "gold member status" whatever that is! And who am I to argue?! So we had a very nice room on the club level. Lots of fun in the yard with the million dollar views but 35 (98F) so back inside watching TV! Been to the wine store and grocery store (it had an olive bar! what more could a man want in a store!) so now just about broke! Tanya has invited us to the lake for a swim and you know full well my a** will not get in that ice water regardless of how hot it is outside! Have an appointment with the bank to open an account tomorrow; seems a little easier than opening one in Cayman but I guess when they figure out where I am from they will probably deny me! Having great problems uploading pictures but here is one of the gang in the yard yesterday.

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