Saturday, July 08, 2006

Last Day of School

Last day of school and dress down day. Rex now has their full attention every day! Ripe papayas in the picture are enjoyed every morning by the woodpeckers!

Coffee with Nana, Piano lessons, then trimmed out the road and gave Rex a bath. With all the rain everything is growing like mad. Yes Shawn, we actually do some work; I just don't take pictures of it! We will shortly head off for Hunter's birthday party at the beach at Grannie's house. Sunny and breezy so a great day for the beach and I have gotten a big bag of mangoes and plums perfect for eating in the sea. Many of Hunter's classmates have already left for vacation so it will be a small party but the aunts have been busy getting everything in order (what would I do without them?!). I think there will be more adults than kids! Just two short weeks now until the long awaited vacation... but much to be done between now and then. Pic's of the party later.

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