Sunday, July 29, 2012

Goodbye Rocky Creek

Add up all the hours of shopping, fishing, riding roller coasters, swimming, watching the olympics and enjoying the company of family and you will arrive at one too short week in Tampa. We said goodbye to Emily last night and today my babies are back home without me. Duty calls, and I must travel to New York tomorrow, but I will be back home on Wednesday with one more family adventure yet to come. Just hoping I can figure out how to log on back in Cayman.

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Judy said...

Hi Frank,
Judy from Australia here. Nice to see how your kids are growing up. I am just letting you know I have retired from Cathedral. My new email is
I am now working part time running a maritime museum here. Just 25 hours a week and way less stressful than principal/deputy of a big school. Maddie finishes her environmental law degree in November and already has graduate employment in Brisbane in a big firm with a strong environmental portfolio. We keep up quite a bit which is great. I also keep in contact with the people we met in Oslo who knew someone from Townsville. They have visited twice. Best wishes to you and your family. Judy Newman