Monday, January 02, 2012


 We spent New Years Eve up at Silver Star. We watched the torchlight parade of skiers down the mountain then a fantastic fireworks display. Hunter went off tubing while Hayley learned to skate thanks to Ray-Lee.  After an hour she was running around like she had done this all before. Tanya took over supervision so I could get a group tube run with Grandma, Devon, Hunter and Braeden. We went so fast we hit the barrier at the end! Closed out the "old" year with a face full of straw and ice.
 Now Monday January 2nd and we are in Kelowna. We started out early to Crystal Mountain for boarding lessons.
 Jeff was a great instructor and before you know it...
 my 2 snowboarders were coming down the hill (with the expert guidance of Baylee and Debbie).
 The little dot in the middle is Hunter coming down on his 3rd run (!!!) while Hayley soldiers on!
That is one tired boarder! Now the girls are all in the hot tub soothing those bruises and sore muscles. Perfect conditions on the mountain with bright sunshine all day, no lines... all in all a lovely day. Hunter is a natural snowboarder, it was incredible seeing him coming down the mountain after an hour and a half of instruction. What next?

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