Saturday, December 04, 2010

Can it be????

Last game of the year and Hunter's team didn't do so hot losing 3-1 to South Sound. He played the best game I have seen so no fault of his, now I have some Saturdays free until January.

Hayley spent much of the morning putting up Christmas decorations then we went to get our tree; the first live tree we have ever had, now the house smells like pine-sol, eerrr I mean Christmas! Of course we had to re-organize the whol;e house to make room for the tree, but it is in place and slowly taking its more natural shape. Pictures tomorrow. Then we went to see how the lobster fishermen had done, turned out to be quite well, so we ate some lobster for dinner. They also culled 3 Lionfish, the biggest one was promptly cleaned, cooked and eaten by Shirley. Tomorrow we'll be at 'em again.

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