Saturday, October 16, 2010

The week...the good and the bad

With no nanny and my usual "helpers" (Shirley and Sharon) in Miami, I got to see some of Hayley's netball game when I picked them up after school. Hayley is second from the left. It was raining so they played inside and Hunter's football practise was cancelled.
Then Granny decided to give us a scare with a trip to the emergency room on Friday afternoon, her blood pressure skyrocketed and she did not get released until after 10pm Friday night. She is doing better today and all her tests were good.
Hunter had a football game on Saturday morning against Wesleyan. That's him in the centre.
He played really well and they won the game 6-1!
That's one proud daddy! Meanwhile Hayley has spent her time decorating Sharon's house for the big Halloween party next weekend.

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