Sunday, May 30, 2010

First of the mangoes...

Life lesson: Red is not the right colour to wear when stealing mangoes. But I was in the Brac for the afternoon and saw some I couldn't resist!
Also did some snorkelling on the Prinz Frederic wreck,

saw a beautiful Hawksbill Turtle, Grouper and a small Reef shark!
This morning I worked up an appetite as I sweated away on the porch re-screening project.

Then we went to the beach and as luck would have it I did not get any of the mangoes,

there were other hungry mouths to feed. But we had a great afternoon at the beach with our releatives (Cousin Shawn and family) visiting from Ocean Springs, Mississippi.


Shawn said...

I guess I got your mango! Thanks, your Mississippi family really enjoyed the visit.

Shawn said...

Also, thanks for not posting the nose-pickin' picture.

You did get some justice, I'm still recovering from the sunburn I got Sunday at Rum Point.