Friday, December 25, 2009

The Clan

We are very blessed to celebrate another Christmas with Mom and Dad.
Some of the Roulstones/McTaggarts together for Christmas: L-R, Shirley Roulstone, Hunter Roulstone, Grace Hurst (nee McTaggart), Margaret McTaggart, Sharon Roulstone, Katherine Bovre, Tony Mosley, Raib McTaggart, Beth Roulstone (nee McTaggart), Lisa Mosley, Frank Roulstone Jr., Hayley Roulstone, Frank Roulstone III.

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Dave said...

Great pictures Frank! I'm glad to see "The Clan" looking so good. Now that you moved to town we don't get to visit with you very often but that doesn't mean we don't think of you. Kath & I will be back at Coconut Reef the month of Feb 2010. Perhaps we will be able to get together then. Regardless, give our love to your family. Dave & Kathy Quasius