Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Storm in Little Cayman

I broke down and bought another camera. So back to blogging. It was a very rough flight over, but just before we arrived the skies cleared over Little Cayman. We could both smile after feeling like puking for 40 minutes.
The first day the weather was nice and we spent the day fishing. And of course relaxing afterward. Went almost around the island and a fantastic boat trip only made better by the fact we did well fishing too!
We even caught some nice crabs in the evening.
The meals were first class. Here our freshly caught fish prepared "Brown-stew" by Chef Gary.
Then Tropical Storm Dolly put a damper on the fishing, but not on our fun. Very windy conditions and high waves but very little rain. Notice the"mangrove club" is surrounded by water. The boat also pulled anchors and fortunately came ashore right on the beach. Got lots of rest, ate way too much. Nice flight home this evening and back to the many tasks at hand...

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