Sunday, October 28, 2007


We went to the Cayman vs Haiti football, womens olympic qualifying tournament which was happening at the field just down the street. The stands were packed and Haiti had just gone ahead three-two when the half ended. Puerto Rico has already beat both teams and this was the final match here. There are almost 9 million people in Haiti, 4 million in Puerto Rico, and 52,000 here. Do we even stand a chance? A very loud and patriotic crowd nonetheless! Jenn worked the consession stand selling drinks and doing face painting.
Haiti is in Blue, Cayman in red. Referees were from Cuba. We left at the half as it was almost 9pm and there is school tomorrow and I have to catch a 7:40am flight to Miami so I will have to leave home by 5:30... H&H were not to pleased about having to leave and I am not very popular right now!

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