Monday, June 18, 2007

The Queen's Birthday and other occasions worthy of celebration

Saturday was Katherine's piano recital. Her performance was enjoyed by all the family except me.
There is always time for some play after a successful event!
Then the dancers was were off for their performance with an adoring fan in the background! Jenn had given them quite a makeup job.
Problem with being a famous dancer is you have to spend so much time waiting around until its your turn! Thank goodness for movies.
After a busy weekend, time to enjoy the company of family and friends at a BarBQ at West Bay. Some family from Texas and Virginia are down so any excuse for a little event. Not forgetting of course that today was a holiday in honour of the Queen's birthday... a nice swim in the ocean and some great food grilled by Aunt ShirShir aka "jerked Shirley" and delicious Fathers Day chocolate cake.

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