Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Alive in Oslo

Struggling with the Norwegian keyboard, but alive and well in Oslo! Here with my Aussie friends Judy and Maddie from Townsville, Queensland. Great conference, met some really nice people, but will be broke for the forseeable future! And some people think Cayman is expensive!!??

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Tracey said...

Hi Frank,
Maddie and I are in Singapore. We had a great day in south of Oslo yesterday. The family of Liv and Gunner picked us up and showed us outstanding Norwegian hospitality. Made up for the all dressed up and no where to go parade. We are off to Brisbane and then Townsville pretty soon. Okay so far.

I had a Dr Zhivago (watch the end of the movie to see what I mean) moment as we left Holmenkollen. We drove back to the hotel in a cab as you and Darvin were walking to the train. I couldn't find the button to work the electric window to call out hello and you didn't see us. Quite poignant.

Thanks for your great company. We had a great time too. Maddie and I have done some serious shopping here(read that as bling). Bye for now,
See you in Australia.
Cheers, Tracey and your adopted daughter.