Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rainy Week

It was a very rainy end of the week but perfect for watching the start of the World Cup! Total rainfall was somewher around eight inches and there was a lot of lightening and winds gusting up to 50mph. The driveway has about 3-4 inches of water but the sun and wind will dry it off quickly. Had a day of socializing and game-watching on Saturday; watched Germany-Paraguay at Aunt Gracie's, the Trinidad-Sweden game at gymnastics, and the Ivory Coast-Argentina at Granny and Grandaddy's! My team Holland won this morning although not convincingly but the weather is better so will go in to town for a swim at uncle Gary's and then for a visit to the Grandparents. And I was successful in my bid for World Cup tickets, airfare and hotels for two (what a shock!) so will be off to the quarter final game in Berlin on the 30th! I definately needed a few days away but this is more than I had expected. Just wish I had someone romantic to take! Go Holland!

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