Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Little Cayman Again!

On Friday H & H were off to Miami, Orlando, and the Disney cruise with thier Aunts, so Gary, Francina and I took off to Little Cayman for the holiday weekend. Spent most of Saturday and Sunday deep-sea fishing but only caught one small barracuda despite the beautiful flat calm sea. On Monday we did a little in shore fishing and took Francina on an island tour, but by evening it was getting too choppy for fishing outside the reef. On Tuesday the wind really started to pick-up and it even rained a little; probably the first rain in months for Little Cayman! Flew home last night and straight to a meeting so got home finally about 9:30. Highlight of the trip would have to be the variety of marine life we saw including a 6-7 foot reef shark right in front of the house. There were also several nurse sharks of varying sizes, several green sea turtles, and a school of Tuna that chased a school of bait fish right under the boat. And we still couldn't catch one! We also caught lots of bar jacks but released them all with the exception of one poor soul who was consumed by a large barracuda right behind the boat as Gary pulled him in. Pics are the reef shark's fin, Gary and Francina while catching jacks inside the reef, and Francina at Point of Sand. And now its back to work...

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